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R&S fire-rated doors are constructed of galvanized or stainless steel and come in a variety of gauges, slat designs and finishes for optimal strength, resilience and style. They are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or alarm event and are available for both service-door and counter-door applications in commercial, industrial, institutional and retail projects. Slats and hoods are pre-finished with a baked-on grey polyester primer before forming. The foot piece, guides and brackets receive one coat of rust-inhibiting black primer.
R&S fire-rated doors come with the Underwriters Laboratories three-hour Class ‘A’ label or Oversize of Compliance, which is a standard provision with all R&S fire-rated doors. These doors combine the efficiency, space-saving advantages, durability, security and safety of a rolling service door with the added life- and property-saving benefits of automatic fire protection.
Fire doors are designed to close automatically from a fully open position and are not designed for use in high cycle applications. Our fire doors can be installed on both masonry and non-masonry applications. They are offered with innovative design and construction and present the optimal performance needed in a fire-rated door.
NFPA-80 and model code groups mandate that fire-rated doors be tested annually to check for proper operation and full closure. Our highly-trained, certified and experienced commercial personnel have years of experience and are qualified in a variety of fire-rated door installations and repairs. Contact us about our Annual Maintenance Plan and be assured that you are compliant with these safety requirements. Feel safe and secure with R&S fire-rated doors!

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