Find the Best Sectional Doors in the Santa Rosa Area

R&S offers a comprehensive line of sectional steel and insulated sectional doors with a large variety of panel configurations, track styles and gauges. With many sizes, styles and colors to choose from, our sectional doors create attractive appeal while providing security and dependability. These doors are made of solid construction for years of reliable service. Our manually operated sectional doors are even more enhanced and easier to use with motors and touch pads, key switches or remotely activated transmitters.
We also offer the option of flexible PVC, aluminum or steel bottom weather seal which lessens conductivity of heat and cold, minimizes air and water penetration and compensate for slight irregular floor conditions. A baked-on paint finish provides long lasting protection against heavy use and adverse weather conditions. Sectional doors come insulated or non-insulated, in several strengths, in solid metal or you can choose to have glass installed for better vision and solar free light inside.
Do you have a high-tech company, a winery or other commercial use that requires a specific door application such as low or high overhead, inside or outside mounting, high speed requirements, all glass sectional doors, fire rating doors, counter size or oversized doors, extra security or other applications that call for specialized commercial functions? We both expertly repair and install all of these types of roll up or sectional doors. Let us know how we can help your business grow.
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